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The 15 Best Movies About Nursing

by Staff Writers on July 06, 2011

During any doctor or hospital visit, nurses can be found everywhere and are often more likely to spend more time with the patients than the doctors themselves. However, this was not so 100 years ago. Since even before then, there has always been the need for caring and compassionate nurses, and there are many nurses who have risen to fill that void. However, with the success of nurse and doctor themed films and television programs, nurses can suffer in the gap from perception to reality.

To help illustrate this – and hopefully clear up a few misconceptions – we have listed the 15 best movies about nursing. From the documentary of actual nurses to the far spun tales of nurses gone wrong, they feature both the best and worst in nursing. You can also watch a few of them to learn the history of nursing in addition to being entertained. [click to continue…]