With a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), students still are a registered nurse, so some RNs who have associate’s degrees wonder, “What’s the point?” In actuality, though, it makes a lot of sense to get a BSN if they want to advance as a nurse. Not only do students qualify for higher-paying nursing positions, but they are legally able to perform more nursing tasks in most states. Bachelor’s degree holders are also usually the first to be promoted into leadership positions, which means a higher salary and more fulfilling job for most.

With a bachelor’s degree, students work in a general nursing position, so their daily tasks could include things like taking patients’ histories, helping patients prepare for surgery, dressing wounds, teaching patients and their family members about home care, recording vital signs, providing support for patient hygiene, and responding in emergency situations. Because students have advanced training, they may also qualify for things like administering medications, depending on the state where they work. Some RN to BSN programs also allow students to specialize in one area of nursing, so their tasks could also involve working specifically with infants, cancer patients, or another type of patient. Exactly how much students make with a BSN depends on their specific job.

RN to BSN programs allow students to earn their degree more quickly than if they were going through a traditional BSN program. Typically, these programs start by teaching students nursing fundamentals, and they move to more advanced skills or skills specialized in a certain area of medicine and they work through the program. However, with an RN to BSN program, the school assumes that students have already covered the basics in their RN program. So, they have students jump right in with upper-level courses covering nursing and leadership skills.

Online RN to BSN Degrees

  • RN to BSN: American Sentinel University
  • RN to BSN: Anna Maria College
  • RN to BSN: Chamberlain College of Nursing
  • RN to BSN: Colorado Technical University
  • RN to BSN: Drexel University
  • RN to BSN: Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences
  • RN to BSN: Gannon University
  • RN to BSN: Graceland University
  • RN to BSN: Grand Canyon University
  • RN to BSN: Kaplan University
  • RN to BSN: Keiser University
  • RN to BSN: Kent State University
  • RN to BSN: Liberty University
  • RN to BSN: Miller-Motte College
  • RN to BSN: National American University
  • RN to BSN: Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  • RN to BSN: Pima Medical Institute
  • RN to BSN: Sacred Heart University
  • RN to BSN: Saint Peter’s College
  • RN to BSN: South University
  • RN to BSN: Sullivan University
  • RN to BSN: University of Illinois at Chicago
  • RN to BSN: University of Phoenix
  • RN to BSN: University of Saint Mary
  • RN to BSN: Walden University
  • RN to BSN: Western Governors University
  • RN to BSN: Utica College

Earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing

If you're already a nurse, perhaps an LPN or an RN, you may be wishing to advance your career with a BSN degree. Doing so may open the door to more expansive career options and pay raises. Below are the top online BSN schools in the country.

Walden University The RN to BS in Nursing degree program offered by Walden University is completely online. Busy registered nurses who do not have time to physically attend classes will benefit from the online class delivery format, which can be completed within three years. Walden also offers several masters programs for students wanting to take their careers
even further.
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Kaplan University
Kaplan University. The RN to BS Nursing Completion Degree program offered by Kaplan University meets all the standard requirements for registered nurses (RNs) who are looking for broader responsibilities and expanded career opportunities. This particular program's coursework specializes in health promotion, disease prevention and control, risk reduction, ethics, health care policies, and more. Kaplan also offers RN to MSN degrees for those looking for further advancement.
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Kaplan University
Grand Canyon's online RN to BSN degree program is specially geared for the practicing nurse looking to expand his/her career. Potential career options available to graduates of this program include staff nurse, community agency nurse, long-term care agency nurse, and much more.
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