Top 50 Pediatric Health Blogs

by Staff Writers on September 27, 2009

There are special issues and challenges associated with childrens’ health. If you have kids, you want to know how to properly care for them. If your child has a specific health issue, it can also help to connect with others who have the same problem. Blogs can help you with this. There are a number of blogs out there that can help you learn more about pediatric health. Here are 50 of the top pediatric health blogs:

Pediatrician Blogs

GYI0050787884.jpgThere are a number of blogs written by pediatricians. These blogs provide insight into kids’ health, directly from the source.

  1. Vicky McEvoy, M.D.: This blog is on the gather network. Dr. McEvoy specializes in pediatric health, and is an assistant professor in that subject at Harvard Medical School.
  2. Dr. Sanghavi: This pediatrician’s information appears on iVillage. He addresses common pediatric issues, and his book A Map of the Child: A Pediatrician’s Tour of the Body, was names one of the top six health books of 2005 by the Wall Street Journal.
  3. Dr. Greene: This pediatrician offers insights related to common concerns and current events. Learn about protecting your child’s health at school and other issues that might cause you concern.
  4. Dr. Laura Jana: Learn about pediatric care from someone who is a mother as well as a physician. Helpful articles include tips for safe sleeping and reviews of online health networks.
  5. Dr. Sears: Get a pediatrician’s take on the health issues affecting children today. There is also helpful information on how to talk to your kids, and taking proper care of them.
  6. Dr. Shu Says: Dr. Jennifer Shu takes a commonsense look at what’s going on in pediatric medicine. Get the facts and not the hype from Dr. Shu.
  7. Dr. Gwenn Is In: Another no-nonsense pediatrics blog about health issues that affect our children.
  8. Dr. Nabong’s Pediatric Blog: Focuses on child development, and is doing a very interesting series on how your baby develops.

General Pediatric Health Blogs

If you are looking for some general information on pediatric health, or want to connect with others, here are some good reads about pediatrics.

  1. Children’s Health Blog: Overview of issues that affect pediatric health.
  2. Brian Deer: This journalist covers the health care industry, with a special focus on pediatrics and vaccines.
  3. Center on Media and Child Health: Do you want to know about how the media affects children and teenagers? Insightful posts at the Center on Media and Child Health can provide you with solid information.
  4. Safe Mama: Learn about child safety and green living with children.
  5. Liddle Kidz Infant and Pediatric Massage Blog: Did you know that you can enhance your child’s health through massage? Find out about massage and other pediatric health tips.
  6. Octopus Mom: This mother is also a NICU nurse. An interesting take on child health, parenting and keeping it all together.
  7. Thrive: This is the blog from the Children’s Hospital Boston. Great information and news on pediatric health.
  8. Baby Steps: The Houston Chronicle offers a blog on children’s health, getting ideas from today’s health headlines.
  9. Forgiven and Loved: A great blog from a Christian perspective about raising kids who know they are children of God.

Pediatric Mental Health Blogs

Even children need a little help working through their minds. Here are some blogs that focus on mental health for children.

  1. Momma Data: This psychologist offers helpful information on raising children and the mental issues that can come with different afflictions and issues.
  2. Dr. Deb: Read psychological perspectives on child health, as well as information that is generally helpful even for adults.
  3. BabyShrink: Find out what’s going on inside the minds of children, and learn more about mental development from babies through early childhood.
  4. Depression: This blog from the Mayo Clinic offers helpful information on depression, including childhood depression.
  5. Life Works: WebMD offers this blog aimed at helping readers find more optimism and get through life. Also includes information for helping your children cope with life issues.
  6. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog: Focus is on education and medical education. Also offers information on mental health, including child mental health.
  7. Family Mental Health: This blog on PsychCentral looks at the mental health of all family members, and provides good information on pediatric mental health.
  8. Teen Depression Blog: Get information about what causes depression in teens, and how to treat it.

Pediatric Health Blogs About Specific Conditions

If your child has a specific condition, it can help to connect with others who understand. Here are some blogs that can help you learn about particular pediatric conditions.

  1. Dr. David’s Blog: Focus is on childhood cancer, written by a pediatric oncologist.
  2. ADHD Blog: This blog explores the challenges of ADHD and provides helpful hints for coping.
  3. Left Brain/Right Brain: This is an autism blog that focuses on news and research and helpful information.
  4. Coach for Asperger’s: Looks at this specific type of autism, and how you can be a more effective parent in helping your child succeed.
  5. The Asthma Mom: Get insights on raising children with asthma.
  6. Apraxia Kids: This blog focuses on those whose children have this speech issue.
  7. My Overweight Child: Looks at childhood obesity and what you can do to help your child get healthier.

Pediatric Health Blogs for Kids

These blogs are interesting because they are aimed directly at children. They offer places for kids to go to learn about their own bodies and health.

  1. Human Anatomy Online: An interactive site that teaches children about how their body works.
  2. Kids Health Pediatrics: This site provides child-friendly information on health and wellness.
  3. Staying Health Every Day: This is a fun place providing health tips from Sesame Street characters.
  4. Patients of the Month: Every month, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital shares a patient of the month. Kids can learn about other children who might have the same conditions.
  5. CMCH – VIA: This is a video blogging site that allows children to connect through video diaries about health and illness.

Podcasts Dealing with Pediatric Health

Here are some great podcasts that offer regular insight into having healthier children.

  1. Pediacast: Great programming on taking care of children.
  2. Dr. Robin Smith: Part of Oprah Radio, this doctor offers helpful health advice for people of all ages.
  3. PrittyKat: This is a podcast aimed at helping the parents of black children provide their kids with self esteem.
  4. Discovery Health: Some great podcasts and information on a number of family health issues.

Parenting Blogs

How you parent can have an effect on pediatric health. Here are some good parenting blogs that also provide tips on taking care of your children.

  1. Zero to Three: Good information on giving your child a good start.
  2. Smarter Babies & Kids Blog: Help your children learn better. Also includes information on child safety.
  3. Parenting Squad: Find some great syndicated posts on child rearing.
  4. Special Needs Parenting: This blog from Today’s Parent focuses on parenting a special needs child.
  5. Momgrind: A look at parenting from an edgy point of view.
  6. The Busy Dad Blog: Parenting tips and advice from a dad who is on the go with his kids.
  7. Empowering Parents: Deals with child health and wellness issues, and how you can be a better parent.
  8. The Panic Room: A blog about family building, written by a step-dad.
  9. Radical Parenting: This is an insightful blog written from a kid’s perspective. An interesting take on what goes on in children’s lives.

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